CANADA Citizenship by Investment Program

Global Migration Services will help you achieve your dream of living and working in Canada. Canada is one of the countries that welcomes most qualified immigrants and also has the most positive migration policies in the world. Canada offers a wide range of employment opportunities. There are also minimal government restrictions imposed on investors who want to start a business in the country.

Asan aspirantyou can be eligible for Canadian citizenship after only three years of permanent residence status, and can maintain dual citizenship. Citizenship or permanent residency status brings with it many benefits, including highest standards of living and access to outstanding health care system.

At Global Migration Services, we assess if an aspirant qualifies to Migrate to Canada, determine the kind of Visa the aspirant should apply for, and provide information about the procedure, documents and applications required.

Our Experienced Migration Advisors will monitor and guide the applicant, maximizing the chances of a successful application.



Safety and sense of being secure is one of the draws and it inspires many people to reside in the country even the Government itself ensures high level of safety for those who make Canada their home.


The Canadian healthcare is not something to underestimate. Canada provides state-funded healthcare facilities that enable people from all walks of life to have access to quality healthcare without worrying about paying heavy fees.


Since the nation is self-governing, Businessmen are greeted with rewarding opportunities to take their businesses to the next level.


Canada is economically and politically stable nation while the flow of the wealth makes certain that individual get the employment and fairly handsome wages for their labor.