Work Permit Visa

Work in a foreign country with AGM Permit Visa assistance

Working in a foreign country and enjoying great career prospects is on almost everyone’s bucket list. Especially for professionals living in countries where employment market is weak, foreign countries with booming economies make for great working destinations. The developed countries also owe their success to the expatriate workers who, in many cases, sacrifice much to earn better and improve lives of their dependents back at home. Some of the world’s top employment destinations include Australia, Canada, UK, US, and Europe, and we at GMS facilitate you to acquire work visa for these and other countries.

Who qualifies for a work visa?

  • The requirements for work visa vary from country to country. But, there are some general requirements common for most countries’ visa policies. Some of them are as follow:
  • If you have a spouse or partner living in a foreign country, you may have the right to work there.
  • If you have a valid work permit from an employer in the destination country, you may qualify for work visa.
  • Having a temporary or permanent work visa also allows you to work abroad.

Common requirements for work visa application

  • Completed application form
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Proof of job advertisement
  • Employment contract and letter of undertaking
  • Proof of good health
  • Other information or documentation as required

What Global Migration Services can do

If you too are looking for assistance in matters related to work permit visa, look no further than Global Migration Services as we have got all the right solutions for you under one roof. Get in touch with us today to get free assessment from our immigration and visa experts. Our team will be happy to serve you and address all your immigration and visa related queries. Hundreds of thousands of people in the UAE and the world over trust GMS and you could be the next one in our growing list of happy clients.


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